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When Teairra Marí 1st dropped Make Her Feel Good everybody had it in mind that she would be the “Princess of The ROC“. Welp, um, we all know that Rihanna stole that crown right from the top of her  head! For whatever label issues and lack of promotion Teairra Marí just did not have the marketing behind her that would solidify her as an artist with longevity. But, Te Te is beating the odds and she’s looking fabulous while doing so! She is pushing her new project At That Point which features collaborations with Nicki Minaj, Gucci, and Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em. She just shot the video to Sponsor (we’ve been playing it in the mix right here on 101.1 The WIZ, so keep requesting it at 513-749-1011). It looks like its going to be a hot one for the fellas. And, if you ever meet her ladies, she is a down-to-earth real chick. Some of you may know 1st hand as we brought Teairra Marí to NKU for The WIZ College Tour. Enjoy the sneek peak at her new video and throw back to her debut solo realease Make Her Feel Good below.

And I had to do it! You remember this?! Teairra Mari and Rih Rih did this tribute for Destiny’s Child years ago? Lol. Loves it! :)