The album is highly anticipated as you can imagine, due for release September 16th. Oh the juice! This record has everything to do with Kae and Rih. Chris Brown’s track “X” is now available on the net! Listen:

There’s been talk of a wedding for quite some time and still no evidence that Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga have made it down the alter. In the early part of the year Jennifer gushed about designing her wedding gown, and we know she’s been wearing that lovely engagement ring for a few years at […]

Rihanna is one of those young artists who is not afraid to take risks and expose her vulnerability. The girl is a “say it like it is” kind of chick, which makes her humorous and relatable. Add the fact that her accent/island girl attitude is captivating, she’s undeniably adorable-the media loves her! Though, no one […]


Remember when Ja Rule was hot? I sort of, kind of, a little bit miss his presence! Always on Time is classic. It was our first look at Ashanti as an artist and Ja Rule was at the top of his game at the time (some 10 years). It comes from the Pain Is Love […]

Teyana Taylor has a very distinct look that makes you stop and stare! I’m a fan of hers and I just had to share this exclusive with you. She recently got all glammed-up for Vibe magazine, and the images are flawless-just gorgeous. Take a look: Fearless magazine also grabbed some young faces for a feature […]


We’ve been waiting for the ultimate hit from Kelly Rowland since Simply Deep & Ms. Kelly! I have always said, sometimes you can have all the talent in the world but if you don’t have the right music and promotion/marketing behind you, your album will go little to nowhere. That seems to be the kind […]

What a wonderful surprise! Those recent images of Beyonce in Jersey dressed in 70’s attire was more than what met the eye. Bey was on the set of her first video from her new album! How exciting is that? Word has it that we can anticipate a summer release, and this comes courtesy of some […]

No Boys Allowed is Keri Hilson’s sophomore effort. Her biggest record from the project thus far is ladies anthem Pretty Girl Rock. Though, I’ve always found it interesting to hear the unreleased music, just to get an idea of why it wasn’t dropped and understand the artistic vision of the entertainer. A few of Keri’s […]


Since she was 16 Rihanna has become a fashion icon! Designers create pieces just for her. They desire to have their latest creations seen on her figure first. Rihanna is nothing short of a model, a walking billboard with a body ladies envy and fellas drool over! It comes as no surprise that she has […]

Have you ever been caught up in gossip that occurs at your job? Has it ever led to drama and unnecessary pressure? It isn’t unthinkable that conversations go beyond work and become personal. You spend hours everyday with people, the lines become crossed. If you take a moment to think about it, you can probably […]

They’ve always had a certain kind of chemistry, and they are back with a new single! Nelly and Kelly Rowland introduce us to Gone. They last left us with Dilemma, and we want to know-does Gone hold any weight to their 1st hit together? Let us know by posting a comment below. …Red headed bombshell […]

Fans have been asking for over a year: Where’s Bey?! Your favorite station has got its hands on an exclusive this weekend. The diva certainly appears to be back at work according to the image. If you’re like me, you’re in much anticipation of new music from Beyonce. When she’s on hiatus, the game just […]