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No matter what teams are playing, no matter if you are NOT a football fan, Football is a GREAT way to gather family and friends and have a PARTY!  Exactly who to invite, what to stock your fridge with and how to set up your television… details on how to throw the ultimate “Big Game” house party.

* Decide WHO to put on the Guestlist

*Create the Atmosphere for proper team decorations

* your party is not complete without the BEST foods and DRINKS!!! (potluck is the best)

*The Best “Game Day” foods…pizza, Buffalo wings and chili!!!If you want to offer your guests something ORIGINAL, consider serving hoagies. Provide the rolls, meat (shredded steak or meatballs) and then place the cheese, vegetables and sauces in an assembly line so that everyone can customize their own dinner. The same set-up applies if you decide to go with tacos instead.

Dessert…Brownies or cupcakes are normally the best and easiest! create with both team icing colors :)

Drinks..Point Blank, you HAVE to have BEER!

*Entertainment- Make TV big and in a central location where EVERYONE can watch without clutter around it.

Enjoy the game, have nice bets on the table, enjoy good food, drinks, and company!

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Read more: http://www.askmen.com/money/how_to_150/175_how_to.html#ixzz2JZ7d6tQi

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