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As parents we all need a little guidance! Here is 8 things you should never say to your Kid/kids!

1. Tell a Big Ole Lie– Your child won’t get out the car to go to daycare so you tell her/him the building next door is a daycare center run by Caveman and if she/he doesn’t get out you will send her/him there! Solution its ok to tell “white Lies” but learn to be straight up.

2. Back Down-Its not fun being the “bad person” but if your child acts out it should be a consequence. Start with a warning first then if no change go to taking toy away/time out/ect.. but don’t let them get away with things. Big no no in parenting world because they will think its ok and do it again.

3. Using one parent against the other- mom says no but dad will say yes! Discuss in private the rules or if you are unsure discuss with your spouse so the children aren’t playing dad against mom or vic versa.

4. Bride your child too often-“If you eat all your food you will get ice cream.” kids will take things like that for granted. Its ok to do sometime but not all the time. Kids need to know the importance of eating all their food.

5. Break your own rules!– now what parent doesn’t do this…Rules are rules but remember parents YOU don’t break your rules either in front of your child. We are leaders!

6. Lose It-Time outs aren’t just for kids but for adults too. If you feel that you are about to lose it, give yourself a break, walk to another room! take a time out! you must watch what you say, how you say it and what you do around children!

7. Wait too Long- Don’t wait too long to talk to your child about their actions. Example. If your child takes a toy away from another child you take the toy away don’t say you won’t be going to recess tomorrow.

8. Talk on and on and on-Kids are not mini adults. Get to the point.

For more tips log on to parenting.com, remember our children are precious treat them as such but don’t let them get over on you at the same time!


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