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A cheating spouse is one of the leading causes for divorce in our society. Many times, if you suspect that your spouse is cheating, your suspicions are probably correct. With computers and today’s technology, hiring a private investigator to follow a spouse has become a thing of the past. There are things you can do yourself to catch a cheater and be sure that the person is cheating before you confront him about it.

10 Ways on how to catch a CHEATER!

1. Check his records-good chance that he will have some type of unexplained charges on his credit card or cell phone bill.

2. Catch him red-handed– try to set a trap for him. Most men/women who cheat will be sure to do it while you are out of town or while he is out of town. Or when you are busy at work or with your friends.

3. Monitor the computer- facebook, twitter, online chats!

4. Look for small signals– You know the way your man acts, dresses, smells, talk.

5. Establish a pattern– keep track of the times when he says he needs to work overtime or when he needs to go to work early.

6. Hire a private investigator- If worse comes to worse!

7. Ask your friends for help! ask a friend he/she doesn’t know to try to come on to him or her

8. Trust your intuition– this is for couples that have been in long term relationships

9. Talk it out with a honest friend and mention all details to see if you are over reacting or on to something

10. Key word- Investigate don’t ASSUME!

If you suspect that your husband or boyfriend is cheating, try to use a combination of these techniques to add to your list of suspicions. One of these methods is simply not enough to confront him. Also, the more solid evidence you can get, such as pictures, voice recordings or any other physical evidence, the better your chances will be of taking him off guard when you confront him about his ways. Confronting a partner about cheating is not easy and it could change your life permanently, so make sure you are 100% positive about it before taking that huge step. For more go to lifescript.com

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