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Heart Palpitations

As women, we tend to brush off aches and pains, discomfort, and fatigue. Who has the time or energy to get to the bottom of all those annoying symptoms anyway? Here’s who: You — it’s crucial for all women to pay attention to their bodies so they can tune in to any potential problems. From hellish headaches to sleepless nights, take note of these potentially serious women’s health symptoms…

1. Extreme Fatigue

2. Adominal Pain

3. Chest Pain

4. Heart Palpitations

5. Sleep Struggles

6. Painful Sex

7. Hellish Headaches

8. Breast Lumps

9. Shortness of Breath

We just finished the 2012 Radio One Womens Empowerment Conference, know your health and get checked!

For more information go to everydayhealth.com or see your doctor!


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