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Who else is voting for Kevin Hart for president?

The amazing host brought on the laughs during tonight’s 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, and between him, the stellar performances and the star-packed audience, the show gave us plenty of moments to remember—both the good and the bad.

Check out our list of best and worst highlights from the show, along with a complete list of tonight’s winners!

Best Opening: Rihanna‘s opening performance was full of seduction (which seems to be her thing), good music, even better dancing and—the best part—a balloon party!

Best Monologue: Right away, Hart called out Drake and Chris Brown, who are both friends of his, and told them to squash their beef. And just like that, the elephant in the room was exposed. Thank you, Kevin Hart! Oh wait, then he brought up Kristen Stewart. Yeah, he went there. Kevin’s commentary on it? “So what? It happens.” There were some expletives in there, too.

Amber Rose confirms Pregnancy!

Chris Brown Twits all night! Going IN on Drake!

Worst Protection: Host Hart entered the awards with a little security, and by little, we mean a bunch of little people. Not sure if they can protect him much, but they made Hart look very tall, so that’s good.

Worst Attempt at Being a Rapper: Oh, Andy Samberg. He tried to do a little flow onstage while presenting the award for Best Hip-Hop Video, and it was a cute attempt, but not exactly a win. As for Rashida Jones, she’s gangster.

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