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The spring time is a great season to get outside and spend some fun quality time with your kids. Here are three great places that I think everyone in the family would enjoy.

1. County Fairs – It’s that time again. County Fairs are coming to your town. From the rides to the games to the good food. Who doesn’t love a county fair?

2. Farmer’s Markets – Some might be surprised but farmer’s markets are really fun! From produce picking, petting zoos, storytimes etc. Just look up local farmer’s markets in your areas and they should be able to tell you when they are having special events etc. Great fun for the whole family!

3. Nature Walks – The springtime is a great time to do nature walks. Anytime you can get out and enjoy the fresh air and take a walk through blooming flowers and trees is a good day in my book. You will be surprised how much energy you will have after your excursion. Oh don’t forget the bug repellent!

Enjoy, and happy Spring time!

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