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In this day and age it’s all about money, clothes, cars, ….. well you know the rest. If you’re wearing the same outfits twice, don’t own your on PJ (Private Jet), or drive anything less then Lambo or Bugatti with the top missing then Forbes won’t even glance your way. They recently released they’re list of the 5 wealthiest hip-hop artists, with Diddy topping the charts at $550 Mill. Probably the most shocking or unexpected artists to make the list is Cash-Money Records Co-Founder Brian “BIrdman” Williams, coming in at #4 over G-Unit boss 50 Cent.

 The Top 5 & Their Net Worth

Diddy – $550 Mil

Jay-Z – $460 Mil

Dr. Dre – $270 Mil

Birdman – $125 Mil

50 Cent – $110 Mil

To see how these fellas made the list watch the video below. 

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