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“If you’re a fan of HBO’s original programming, you already know that Kid Cudi makes appearances in “How To Make It In America.”

Off of the success from that, Crudi decided to make a movie. An artsy movie, with all original music.

This might remind you of another short film by another well known rapper around the samae time last year. Any guesses? If your answer was Kanye West’s “Runaway” then ding ding ding you’re correct!! The only difference between “Runaway” and “Maniac” is that Cudi’s film is spoken entirely in French with English subtitles.

In any case, here you go: Kid Cudi’s “Maniac,” directed by Shia LaBoef. By the way: if you don’t like violent and bloody things (or you’re under 18) you shouldn’t watch this.”

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