Not too sure if Amber Rose-Khalifa approves but over the weekend former video vixen turned rapper Lola Monroe became honorary 1st Lady of Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang.

She broke the news during an interview on Atlanta’s V-103 FM. She said that the two of them shared a similar vision, which led to her joining Wiz’s crew.

“We got it in with Taylor Gang. We Taylored now,” she said. “Wiz is like a positive free individual that’s about his business and that matches everything I’ve created on my side. When he reached out, he was like, ‘I feel as though our movements represent the same thing, so I want you to rep Taylor Gang.’ And I agreed, so it’s only right. Plus, out of all the situations that came to me, my business instincts and just the comfort level, I felt it was just the right move with him. He’s a stand-up dude and it just felt right.”
The Washington, D.C. native is currently in the studio recording her debut.

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