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According to Instagram, Tammy Rivera made a post insinuating that she has broke up with Waka Flocka.  Here’s what she said.

Ive met alot of celebrities and by far Waka is the most hands down down to Earth one ive met. When he says Something is wron with Caitlin I believe it. source

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Waka Flocka Flame went through an airport scanner with 29rounds plus one in the chamber in a gun. Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Oh no he didn’t? Well, yes he did! Of course he was arrested after the discovery. Word on the street is he grabbed his wife’s luggage instead of his own when […]

Man look…did V. Stiviano not teach you guys anything?! A jumpoff can not be trusted! And furthermore there is a reason they call a jumpoff…


Earlier this year you were the victim of a shooting. How do you explain that incident to your younger fans who may be more impressionable? Sometimes I get kids telling me about being shot and messing with guns but I tell them every time that s*** ain’t cool. Ain’t nothing cool about shooting anybody. Your […]