Twitter Rant

Roland Martin is fed up with celebs' misinformed comments about race, politics and the election

Kanye West is in need of some serious financial backing, and he ain't too proud to ask.

Kanye West in a twitter rant tells the world that he is 53 mill in debt. wow even through the wire He better ask his wife or mother in law for the money smh I knew it was down goes Kanye when he married Kim How can he be broke, I don’t know, might be […]

Kim Kardashian took to her Twitter page to vent about how everyone in the media have it all the wrong as it pertains to her…

Apparently, there is still no love lost between former “Basketball Wives” cast mates Royce Reed andEvelyn Lozada. While out promoting the upcoming (and hopefully final) season of “Basketball Wives,” Evelyn Lozada had a lot to say about Reed, who won’t be on this season of the show. Lozada said Royce was a non-motherf**king factor amongst other colorful […]

  Amanda Bynes needs someone to teach her about how things work on Twitter! Especially with “Black Twitter”! This poor child is now trying to…