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Twenty-eight people were killed and 60 injured when three suicide bombers detonated devices at the Atatürk airport in Istanbul, Turkey, Tuesday night, The New York Times reports.


A sudden tragedy stuck the Turkey Coast on Friday night. Over 30 refugees drowned early Saturday off the western coast of Turkey when a boat packed with refugees capsized. 75 were rescued after the boat carrying refugees to Greece sank. According to reports, the Turkish coast guard was continuing search-and-rescue efforts where the boat carrying at least 120 people sank off […]

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Guy invited his family over for Thanksgiving to play a prank on them at the dinner table. Ms. Ebony J ” The Host That Does The Most” Board Operator and Producer of the “At Work Network” Listen to me Live M/W/F 10am-2pm Follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @MsEbonyJ and @EbonyJShow

It’s always nice to see a celebrity, public figure, or just wealthy individual giving back to the place they came from. With as many rappers and wanna be ballers out here this should be an everyday thing, unfortunately it’s not. There’s only a select few who actually reach back to help others and I #SALUTE […]


Thanksgiving day From 11am to 3pm.  There will be  Free!!!!!!!!!! Hot Turkey  meals given away at the Bond Hill Rec Center(1501 Elizabeth St).