Keyshia Cole came through to the morning show to talk about her new album, "1111 Reset."

Wait, what?! Whitening toothpaste doesn't whiten your teeth. Yeah, you read that right. Check out what actually does work.

Beauties, I bet you had no idea that keeping your chompers healthy involves more than brushing, flossing and staying away from red wine and/or coffee…

Whats up with these rappers now a days? Just ask 2 Chainz who’s  the host of GQ’s Most Expensivest Sh**. The homie  2 Chainz got to test out this very expensive toothbrush.  Which costs $5,000.  There’s now way in the world I wold buy a 5,000 toothbrush. Check out the video below!!! SOURCE  


Why would somebody do something so crazy like this? Please click below and let me know how you feel. source 

  Rapper Danny Brown has made a name for himself with rhymes that deal with extreme partying and rambunctiousness. The fact that he was missing his two front teeth lent itself to the hard partying image Danny Brown played up in the media. However, that has changed since Brown got a new set of teeth thanks to […]

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This Guy Must have messed around with his dentist daughter or even worse. It seems the guy only wanted three teeth pulled out but ended up with a mouth full of nothing but gums. Somebody find this guy a good lawyer. source 

  Note to self: don’t ever go to the dentist in Indiana. A man learned that lesson the hard way when he went to the dentist to have three teeth pulled and walked out of the dentist office with a mouth full of gums.   An Autistic 21-year-old named Christopher Crist went to the Amazing Family Dental […]

While backstage on a tour stop Rihanna was fitted for grill that she’ll be sporting in the upcoming video for “You Da One.” Listening to her try speak with the tech’s hand all in her mouth is hilarity. Talk That Talk for real, Rihanna. RELATED POSTS: Sub? Rihanna Tweets Drake Lyrics Rihanna Booed In London […]

Lil Wayne’s getting ready to go to jail, but before he goes in, he had to get a few things situated. Not only did he have to get his teeth fixed, but he went and got completely new teeth. Check out his new pre-prison grill. Like they say, “Everything That Glitter Ain’t Gold” and neither are Lil’ Wayne’s real teeth. Earlier this month, Lil’ Wayne’s sentencing was delayed because he needed some dental done, which included 8 Root Canals!!! DAYYUMM… That’s a Messed Up Grill!!! We’re told during the eight hour procedure, Wayne had his grill worked on, several […]