Gary With Da Tea was giving his usual Tea when Rickey Smiley bursted in with some comments.


When Gary With Da Tea got dressed today, he put on the best of the best. So when he came in and saw his co-worker Shimmy’s outfit, he was disappointed. Shimmy maintains that his simple, clean and neutral style is just as sophisticated as a Gary’s. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! So who wore it […]

  Sometimes the drama behind the entertainment scenes is more interesting than the stuff artists allow us to see. For example, the beef between Frank Ocean and Chris Brown started over a parking space and a handshake. just when you thought the shade being passed between the two was over, Frank Ocean dons a t-shirt […]

    There are a few more people taking aim at the throne. Jay Z and his Rocawear clothing brand are being sued for stealing the phrase “Hood Love” and putting it on a line of t-shirts. Hood Love LLC is a for-profit company whose mission is to improve the lives of poverty stricken youth and communities. The […]

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Tran hopped onto her Twitter page to put an end to the media craze. “I have absolutely no involvement w any shirt w my picture on it…


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