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Source | Globalgrind Amber Rose is clearly enjoying motherhood. This weekend, the mother and her 7-month-old son, Sebastian “The Bash,” spent some intimate moments together soaking…

It seems like Ciara's becoming more known for hanging out with her famous friends than for making music, but this undiscovered song called "Swim" has just leaked.

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How well do you know your girl Beyonce? She does very well with keeping things personal to her out of the media. Though, there are times where she is very willing to open up about her life. Do you know what Queen Bey does to relax? Here’s what Beyonce Wold recently reported: The notoriously hard-working […]

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Black people don’t do water.  How many times have you heard this either as a joke or with sincerity? The reasons for  this vary. It could be because of the impact that slavery had on us and being put in the boat and taken away from our land by water. Whatever the reason, not many […]