Republican Congressman Steve Scalise was critically wounded at his Republican team’s baseball practice Wednesday morning, but by the afternoon, GOP and Democratic lawmakers joined forces to announce the game will go as scheduled Thursday night at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C.   Democratic Congressman Mike Doyle added, “We’re not going to let incidents like this […]

The Cincinnati Police Department said today that they have finished the investigation  of the fatal shooting of an apparently unarmed black man by a University of Cincinnati police officer. Officers say Mr Dubose was driving away and officer Ray Tensing shot him in the head. As soon as Joe Deters will  decide if any criminal charges will be held. It’s […]

A man by the name of Sam Dubose was pulled over by University of Cincinnati police for a missing front license plate before an ensuing struggle with an officer resulted in his death Sunday night. Cincinnati Police Lt. Colonel James Whalen, who is leading the investigation, released few other details on the shooting. He said Dubose did […]

A teen named Adaezia Flowers, 20, was shot while sitting in a car at Moosewood Avenue and Beekman Street. Cincinnati this violence has got to stop. This is just sad. Adaezia was active in her community. Adaezia Flowers was a college student and was involved in the Avondale Youth Council for years. So let us continue to pray […]

  Rapper Drake always gets a lot of rap for being an emotional type of guy. A lot of his songs deal with themes of love lost and heartbreak. The topics of his rhymes have caused many to constantly clown the Canadian hit maker. In a recent interview with Q Radio, he admitted that he hates being called […]