Dj Khaled takes another step forward accompanied by Big Sean, Travis Scott, & The Boss Rick Ross. What better way to paint the picture of the blessings and the grateful than to shoot from the castle. DJ Khaled recently launched his new album “Grateful” and is truly ready for big and better “On everything.” Watch […]

Former Dallas, Cowboy player Jeremy Mincey, a.k.a Mr. Mince, has always loved music.

Lil Bibby leaks new music as we get closer to his “Free Crack 4” mixtape. This is a really special record released by Lil Bibby not just because of the touching story line tied to the  song but because of the sample that stems from JayZ’s  “Some How Some Way” which featured Beanie Sigel and […]


Lil Kim is back and ready to take back her title as the Queen of Rap.

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Word has hit the street that Hip-Hop legend Scareface arrested in Atl during the #BetHipHopAwards Click Here to read the full story!


Scarface is a true Og. Matter of fact im going to lable him as a triple og. Im kind of salty at myself because I didnt know his health was bad but so glad he is still walking on this Earth and alive. source

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Movie heads get ready for a modern day “Scarface” movie to drop in the future. Universal is in the works to have Jonathan Herman rewrite the script and Scarface himself Al Pacino approves the idea saying “Oh, it’s fine,” Check out this video below and the remake. Source

For better or worse, a modern-day Scarface reboot has been green-lit by Universal. The studio has just announced that Straight Outta Compton scriptwriter Jonathan Herman will help remake the cult classic for…


  Some of the language in this video may be offensive to some viewers. Please watch with caution. source

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Geto Boys are a legendary Houston gangsta rap group featuring Bushwick Bill, Willie D and Scarface. Interestingly, Geto Boys were initially called Ghetto Boys, and…

Dj Khaled has new music! The song is titled Never Surrender featuring Scarface, JadaKiss, Meek Mill, Akon, John legend and Anthony Hamilton.  Check it out and Let me know if you think it’s hot or not? Ms. Ebony J “The Host That Does The Most” Board Operator and Producer of the “At Work Network” Listen […]

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Universal is attempting a third remake of “Scarface,” which would follow up the 1932 Chicago bootlegging original and the iconic 1983 Miami cocaine-dealing version starring Al…