Normally when it comes to lawsuits, people especially celebrities want to stay away from that but not Kanye West!  As you know he debuted his visual to his song “Famous” featuring Rihanna and Swizz Beats but featured look alikes of other celebrities to stir up controversy.

Just announced!  The Chicago Bulls has traded Derrick Rose To The New York Knicks.  Guess who they’re getting in exchange!

Looks like Amber Rose got major love for Kim Kardashian as she slams down Pink’s slander on women that chooses use their body for attention instead of their talent or hard work. Shade towards Kim Kardashian or Nah?

Could be that Kanye West is beefing with Wiz Khalifa because his album “Waves” is set to drop?!Whatever the reason, these two rappers are going in! Kanye even took shots at Amber and she claps back for the WIN!

Derrick Rose made the first political statement of his career today. Rose wore a  T-shirt that read ” I Can’t Breathe”  during pregame warm ups before the Chicago Bulls lost to The Golden State Warriors. The shirt is in honor of  Eric Garner,  a man that will killed by a white officer after being put […]

I’m not a Chicago Bulls fan but this one hurts! I think Derrick Rose is one hell of a player who spent last NBA season…