The city of Riverside, California, is inviting the upstanding citizens in the community to rat out their friends for using fireworks. The City Council voted earlier this week to give $1,000 to anyone whose tips help the cops and fire department bust people for shooting stuff off. The phone lines are open and operators are […]

  Five months out of the gate, the XBOX One has run into its first online security problem. And it was found by a five-year-old. Young Kristoffer Von Hassel (pictured above) exposed the bug when he was logging into his father’s XBOX Live account to play games. He discovered that when you mess up your initial log-in to […]


Jeezy Rewards Georgia Students For Passing Competency Exam Via: The Urban Daily With a new album just around the corner, Young Jeezy took time out of his schedule to do something positive for kids in a Georgia school.