Amidst all of Ja Rule’s recent shenanigans, I do have some good news to bring. Irv Gotti says Murder Inc. is back and it’s better. I’m actually really excited to see how this plays out! Murder Inc. definitely had hits in their prime. But who are some new artists you would love to see a […]

Still reeling from the loss of the Most Interesting Man in the World? You should probably talk to someone about that, right after watching Billy Dee Williams’ new Colt 45 commercial. That’s right, Lando Calrissian is back as the spokesperson for the malt liquor brand, because Afroman was busy? Billy Dee hawked Colt 45 from […]

After a mysterious and abrupt exit from NBC’s Gotham last season, Jada Pinkett-Smith has announced her return. As fans rejoice, Gary With Da Tea wonders why the change…

Guess who’s Coming back to  Love & Hip Hop Atlanta? K Michelle.  She announced  her return during a recent concert. She told fans, Check out the Video below.

Just under four months after a fireworks accident that nearly cost him his entire hand, NY Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul is back with the…

[youtube=] After a heart breaking freak accident, Cincinnati Bengals lineman Larry Black told TMZ he is determined  to get back into the NFL. Black suffered a horrifying injury in a  freak accident captured on HBO’s  ”Hard Knocks.” READ MORE

Michael Jordan Is Back! And just like any other message or rumor that goes viral, social media can spark up buzz around the world about something that may not even be true.  And within minutes millions can believe something is happening.  This has just happened yesterday as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram exploded with Rumors that […]

When asked about her decision to publicly collaborate with Chris Breezy on “Nobody’s Business,” RiRi appears to go speechlessbefore flipping the question. Before leaving the restaurant…

Beyonce’s fans may not have to wait much longer for her next album. According to Australian singer/songwriter Sia, who hopes to contribute to the album, there’s only one song left until it’s complete. Top 9 Music Videos Of The 2000s 47 Things You Didn’t Know About Michelle Obama According to MTV, After gushing about her […]