Donald Glover is in the studio with Migos- does this mean we'll hear him rap?


Childish Gambino, also known as Donald Glover, is having one heck of a year. His show, “Atlanta,” is enjoying major success on FX, and he scored a major role in the next Star Wars movie franchise. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Now, news of a new album from Childish has leaked, with an alleged December […]

This is when you take battle rapping to seriously. These cats go through drive thru’s battle rapping at the dirve thru speaker hilarious. Watch the video and get your laugh on?    JOIN THE OFFICIAL WIZNATION FACEBOOK FAN PAGE           FOLLOW US ON TWITTER – @1011WIZF                             Follow Me on Twitter @donjuanfasho


Some of the language in this video may be offensive to some viewers. Please watch with caution. source  

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Always good to get some different content on the sites. Keeps it fresh! Check out a young cat who’s grind is very persistent and consistent.…

Entertainment post: According to reports, Trina was rushed to a hospital following her early morning incident. “Here We Go” rapper Trina was hospitalized early Monday morning — after passing out in a Florida airport over “dehydration and overexertion.” We’re told Trina had been traveling all day while battling some sort of illness — and hit […]

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I can’t believe it’s been 17 years since we’ve lost one the realist lyricist of Hip Hop, Tupac. This man always viewed life differently. When interviewed he made it clear that we lived in a world that was unfair. People all across the world need help and many people who are fortunate claim to be real and concern yet we as a nation […]

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The Champ, Adrien “The Problem” Broner isn’t just a fighter, he’s a rap artist as well. As he expand his brand he gives fan an inside look of his journey as he travels across the country through “About Billions,” the docmentary. This production is produced by @StoopVideos. Check out About Billions Episode 1 of Season 2 here (explict […]

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Is Ray J feeling some type of way? His sex tape with Kim Kardashian, who is now dating rapper, Kanye West has leaked everywhere. However, Ray J released a song reminding everyone he “hit it first.” Despite Ray J’s attempt to beef with Kanye, West has yet to acknowledge him. Last night in Hollywood Ray […]

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VH1 has released the trailer for the new season of the Marrying The Game staring rapper and actor “The Game” and his fiancee Tiffney Cambridge .  Check it the trailer below! Ms. Ebony J ” The Host That Does The Most” Board Operator and Technical Producer Follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @MSEBONYJ

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Rapper Future is battling his newest baby mama in court over child support.  In February,  a woman named Brittni Mealy filed a paternity lawsuit against Future. Yet, a month later the suit was dismissed. In June, Future filed documentation admitting that he was the father of Brittni son.  However, he wants joint custody and for the courts […]


Initiative to Reduce Gun Violence The story tells of Dubb, a young man from the inner city who has just been released from prison.  His dream is to become a rap artist.  He is approached by, ‘APZ’ a high profiled lawyer who also appears to manage a record label.  This lawyer actually brokers dealings on […]