Check out this video as a Uber Driver tries to pick up a passenger but instead gets offered some better service’s.

Im so weak right now this guy has been pranking people for over two years straight and they still havent caught on yet. Click below and let me know if you think you would fall for something this skept. Some of the language in this video may be offensive to some viewers please watch with […]

National best selling author, genius, icon for the civil rights and feminist movements, Dr. Maya Angelou, has been hailed as one of the great voices…

  My grandmother used to tell me that I should always look my best because you never know who you’ll run into in the street. I bet this isn’t the reason she had in mind. A Florida prostitute is in jail after stabbing a man she serviced the night before after she saw him in […]

A Normal day for a Prostitue turned bad and bloody after she got into an altercation with a male client and tried to bite off his privates ( all parts) Click the video and find out why this occured. source 

Guess this is proof you’re never too old to turn tricks lol! Centerville, Iowa Police arrested an 83 year old man on charges of prostitution. The investigation of Ben Clifford Dawson of Centerville kicked off on October 22. Dawson is listed as a candidate for Centerville City Council! According to police, they received a complaint […]

I knew back in the day that Mariah Carey’s sister was on drugs and was arrested for prostitution… but now I’m finding out that Mariah’s sister Allison is now HIV positive and an escort. The folks over at are saying that Allison is so desperate for cash, she’s selling herself as an “adult escort.” […]

Divine Brown, the former prostitute who made headlines for her famous 1995 encounter with Hugh Grant has publicly thanked the actor for “changing” her life – because she was able to carve out a “wonderful” new existence after the scandal. ‘That was the trick that changed my life, honey,’ she tells the UK Daily Mirror. […]