Open Invitation

Here’s my “OPEN INVITATION” to you. My everything was put into this album coming November 1st. It was you who inspired me to get back in the studio and do it again. As you’ve seen from my movies -Tranformers DOTM- & -Fast Five- that have both now grossed over $ 1.7 Billion worldwide. Also I […]

Looks like R&B singer Tyrese is at it again and this week, it might be even worse than last time. If you recall, just a few short weeks ago the actor, author and entertainer stopped by a Delaware radio station and some drama jumped off surrounding his opinion on a liquour store being position too […]

. Tyrese Gibson claimed he was kicked off a Delaware radio station due to his complaints regarding a liquor store near the public schools in the neighborhood. The story then went viral with the assistance of his Twitter page and of course the rest is history. Then again, with Baby Boy’s elaborate story changing every […]

Call it a comeback if you want to! Tyrese and long time friend Brandy get together to make beautiful music. We haven’t heard anything solid from the two in quite some time. Now, Tyrese is ready to give us an Open Invitation into his new project. The song is entitled The Rest of Our Lives, and […]

In just over one month, Tyrese, one of R&B music’s most sensational male vocalists is set finally release his long-awaited album “Open Invitation.” Said to be his best work to date, Tyrese is being positioned to not only take back his rightful place atop the charts, but also usher in a sound many people feel […]

Baby Boy’s career is on tilt. The rapper, singer, actor and recent author has come along way from a teenager riding the bus on TV and singing Coca-Cola jingles. Tyrese Gibson starred in several hit movies including “2Fast 2Furious,” “Four Brothers,” “Waist Deep”, “Annapolis” and “Transformers” just to name a few. We know his one […]

I can hear the ladies screaming now, smh lol. Tyrese is back! The brother was gone for a period of time focusing on his personal life. Now he’s back to releasing music. In fact,  he’s sending fans an “Open Invitation.” He’s already giving fans a taste of what to expect from his upcoming project by dropping his […]