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Terrence J shocked a lot of his fans when he told the world he would be leaving E! News to become a full-time actor. Well now, we get a glimpse of him playing the leading role in the new movie The Perfect Match. The cast is filled with names you know, including Draya, Cassie Ventura, […]

Now I HAVE to go see it! The Box Office Report, where the biggest opening day of 2014 came not by spider nor American captain, but by animated reptile. And a frazzled Bryan Cranston. Coming in at #1. Godzilla (Warner Brothers): $93.2 million in 3,952 theaters! Neighbors #2, Spidar Man #3, Million Dollar Arm #4, […]


Baby girl! I can’t this is very frustrating to read as a woman. Josie Harris, the woman whom Floyd Mayweather was convicted of assaulting in 2010, is speaking out about their dysfunctonal relationship and the 2010 incident that sent him to jail for three months. As Floyd prepares to return to the ring on Saturday May […]


It is a basic animalistic reaction for a mother to protect her children. You see it in the wild with animals from small to big. A mother senses danger is near and she pounces on the predator before he even has a chance to come close to her young. We accept it because they are […]