French Montana is back at it again with some new music.  Check out the new video with Kanye West and Nas “Figure It Out” here first!

We all know that Madonna has no chill and does what she wants! From her cheek out outfit at last night’s Met Gala to turning up with French Montana! Are there sparks flying between the two?

  Meek Mill is now beefimg with another rapper! First Drake, Now…

It looks like everyone and their mom is in NYC for Super Bowl weekend. Even Talk Show Host Jerry Springer! Jerry got to interview Rick…

Actor Laurence Fishurne is finally speaking out after learning that his daughter Montana is becoming a porn star.

Laurence Fishburne’s Aspiring Porn-Star Daughter Was Busted for What?! Looks like this sex tape was going to come into action sooner or later being that this type of behavior is not unknown for miss Montana. Check out what she’s got busted for.

So How Does Laurence Fishburne Really Feel About XXX-Rated Daughter? I’m sure you have seen the still photos floating around the internet of Laurence Fishburne’s daughter, Montana. Well the question that everyone wants to know is how he feels about the entire situation. Find out inside.