So Beautiful

A new campaign is reminding beauties everywhere just how important it is that you head to the polls on Tuesday! November 4 is judgement day…


Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has edited a Black woman into his campaign ad in an attempt to win back some of the minority vote. The…


It’s the man of the hour – DJ Skillz. I just picked up the phone today and guess who was on the other line? Mr. Smooth as Can Be himself – the one and only Common. Serving as more than just a highly appreciated and respected entertainer, Hip Hop lyricist, actor and activist Common just wanted […]


Atlanta’s own T.I. may have started his 11-month prison sentence in Arkansas already, but that isn’t stopping the King of the South from urging people to get out and vote! In our exclusive video below, T.I. talks about why voting in tomorrow’s midterm elections is so important. If you haven’t already, GET OUT AND VOTE […]


Politicians chase votes the way a frat boy chases women.  Also like the frat boy, politicians can have selective memory when it comes to creating a respectable and reciprocal relationship.  They beg for your votes, promise you the world and then promptly disappear until it’s time for re-election.

Cincy, National

Sadly, there is always an issue come election time when it pertains to the black vote. Democrats take us for granted because we traditionally lean left, so they figure we’re going to vote Democrat because we always do. The same goes for the Republican Party, who don’t mind making it known that they don’t care […]


The President talks to Tom Joyner this morning about the very important upcoming midterm elections. He makes it clear that he “is not on the ballet,” but it’s extremely important that you get out and vote on or before Tuesday, November 2nd. Be the change that you want to see and vote today! Check out […]