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Who influences the world? Beyonce does. A few days after it was announced that Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o was the cover star of People Magazine’s…

It seems Olympian Lolo Jones does a better job at shading people on Twitter than clearing hurdles. The popular track and field athlete made a…

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This week, the Trayvon Martin trial has the entire country up-in-arms and voicing their opinions on the prosecution’s key witness Rachel Jeantel. While the reaction to Rachel’s antics on the stand range from “brave and authentic” to “petulant and disrespectful” many have taken the opportunity crack a few jokes at the 19-year-old’s expense. One of those who chose […]


The problem with saying you are a virgin and posing naked in magazines is that the world tends not to leave you alone. And so Lolo Jones is not going to disappear from these Olympics, even as she flickered out of the 100-meter hurdles with a fourth-place finish on Tuesday night. A day later, her […]