Killer Mike has a few thoughts when it comes to Bill Maher and his use of the n word. Now, I’m still confused as to why he felt like he could use it in the first place and NO I do not want to hear “well rappers use it all the time in hip-hop songs.” […]


  There is nothing radical about refusing to vote. It doesn’t make you a renegade, a rebel or a rabble-rouser. And, if you’re a celebrity sharing your misguided views with millions of young followers — many of whom are eligible to vote for the first time — you’re a disgrace. If you didn’t already think […]


New music from Lil Kim. New videos from Run the Jewels and Waka Flocka Flame.

Killer Mike and Headkrack chilled out in the studio and talked hip-hop, but first, Killer Mike explains why democratic candidate Bernie Sanders would be the best choice for…


That Logic and Slug collaboration they've been talking about is finally here.

Killer Mike and Bernie Sanders are thinking of a master plan.


Killer Mike recently weighed in on whether or not he believes Kanye West is the “greatest living rock star in the world.” During an interview…


With a resumé that includes trunk-rattling raps and repelling f**kboys, Killer Mike has finally decided to make the jump to public office. Killer Mike will be…


Killer Mike turns 40 today, and, as we can imagine he has been for years, he gets to celebrate 4/20 doubly because of the occasion. It’s…


“We’re going to burn this motherfucker to the ground.” Killer Mike grabbed the microphone and hold of the crowd in NYC for a set of…

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After a St. Louis County grand jury’s decision not to indict Darren Wilson, a Ferguson, Mo., police officer, in the murder of unarmed teen Michael Brown last night, the…

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  The Russ Parr Morning Show has your Bad Hip-Hop Advice from your favorite rappers! Click on the audio player to listen in on the hilarity. Keep Up With The Russ Parr Morning Show … LIKE Him On Facebook! Your Thoughts? “The Russ Parr Morning Show” Monday- Friday 6-10am & Saturday’s- 8-10am Follow Russ Parr on […]