In girl get a job news, Mike Epps wife wants $109k a month…. A MONTH. Yes, you read that correctly, in spousal support. 6 figures for what? If you’re like me, you’re probably asking why so much money? Why doesn’t she just get a job??! I guess when you get use to a certain lifestyle […]

50 Cent took to his instagram to joke about his recent Bank Bankruptcy.  50 Cent told E News “I got a decent legal team. You don’t have to worry,”  He cited other business tycoons who have declared bankruptcy as a business strategy. “Walt Disney has filed bankruptcy before, Donald Trump has filed bankruptcy,” he said. “It […]

Some people have absolutely no common sense these days, A man on a flight that left Philly headed to Punta Cana reportedly sneezed then said “I have Ebola” which led to a 2 hour wait once the plane landed in D.R. now I fly all of the time and if I have to wait 2 […]

So, DC Young Fly is a Vine comic who has been taking over people’s timelines from sea to shining sea. He often makes jokes out…

  It was all purple everything when Prince was the sole guest on “Arsenio.” Prince stopped by the late night talk show to chat and…

Anyone paying attention to the Nelson Mandela memorial service which was attended by pretty much every one of the most important world leaders knows that…

While we are not sure of why it got started today, we do know what it is stemming from. Tavis Smiley continues to frustrate many in the African American population with his comments about the first African American President. Smiley and Obama have had no love lost since before the 2008 election and Tavis has […]

  In case you missed the President Of The United States getting his inner comedian on, then you must take a look at his performance…

President of the United States Barack Obama has said some pretty interesting things. Sometimes, the President has amazing rhetoric. Other times, his rhetoric is overtaken by the hilariously unbelieveable things coming out of his mouth. We have comiled a list of the top 10 things Obama has said that literally made you laugh out loud. […]

April Fools!!! Free gas? Don’t we wish. I really do! As soon as I saw this very photo posted on Facebook  I couldn’t resist keeping the joke going. It is simply a joke, there are no gas stations locally that have made me aware that they are giving away anything for FREE. In most neighborhoods […]

They set the stage as if it were a real conference. Now, my disclaimer is that this was funny to me. It seems even The Muppets know Fox News is not really news. Watch: For more entertaining clips keep logging on to! Don’t forget to LIKE us on our Facebook fan page at 101.1 […]

As many of you know Rick Ross, aka Ricky Rozay, aka THE BAWSSS, suffered from multiple seizures a couple weeks ago aboard a plane headed to a show. He tried to keep his concert schedule but had to cancel many because of his health. Watch Eddie crack jokes about Ross and his seizures The good […]