Chris Brown can’t catch a break! Breezy just survived a home invasion at his L.A. mansion last week and now this. According to CNN Chris Brown has been refrained from leaving the Philippines. He was pulled off a plane shortly after boarding when he was told he owes them money. Unless he pays up he […]

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It’s been 5 days since the home invasion at Chris Brown’s house went down in Cali which his aunt was held at gunpoint. There still have been no arrests but Chris and the LAPD believe the four men who did the burglary were close friends of Brown and they also believe a club promoter was […]

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Chris Brown just moved into his new $4.3 million dollar Tarzana, CA home and is already have MAJOR issues. Just hours ago, he was just a victim of a home invasion and a hostage at  his home  being held at gunpoint. According to TMZ, while Chris Brown was out partying in Argyle in Hollywood, his […]

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On Tuesday evening, rapper Doughbeezy was attacked when he arrived at the home of a friend in Houston Heights, a northwest-central neighborhood in Houston, TX.…

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Wait. I can’t! Say what? Somebody has officially extended Antoine Dodson’s 15 minutes of fame. He has a for real music video (never mind the budget) and he’s gone viral yet again. WOW! RELATED: Antoine Dodson Arrested!!! Whatever he’s doing it’s working. Antoine Dodson keeps cashing in on his semi-celebrity status. Is it safe to […]


The College Hill neighborhood woke up to strange and startling news earlier this morning that two children had been robbed and held at gunpoint today. The children, an 8-year old male and his 17-year-old sister, were not hurt during the home invasion which took place on Sunridge Drive. According to the reports on this morning’s […]