In 2012 Nas released a song from his new album, “Daughters”[listen here] which addressed his daughter Destiny’s antics on Twitter. Some music fans joked that this…

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   According to the Huffington Post, In a recent interview with Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry discussed his desire to be a father and that he…

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Finally some good news for Katt Williams. Katt is getting his kids back! The Los Angeles DA’s office is not going to charge him with Child Endangerment. The children were removed from the home and placed in protective custody after the house was raided. Authorities found guns and marijuana. Katt’s guns were placed in a […]

Watch the long-awaited video for Nas’s song “Daughters” from his up-coming album, Life Is Good, in stores July 17th. The Chris Robinson directed clip is…

The Urban Daily sports blogger Jamiyl Samuels aims to show Black fathers in a positive light with his upcoming book. “Pass The Torch: How A Young Black Father Challenges the ‘Deadbeat Dad’ Stereotype” tackles the hot-button issue of fatherhood in the Black community and the affect the lack of a father figure has on young Black males. […]

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All week long we’ve heard about Mariah Carey’s birthday celebration which quickly turned into breaking news as we all thought the twins were finally on the way. Although the contractions did come a bit early, Mariah was able to still celebrate her big day in style. On the other hand, did it seem like nobody […]

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Ladies and gentlemen, if you missed the lastest episode of “The T.O. Show,” you missed T.O. breaking down in tears during his therapy session. The NFL star revealed he had a 3- year-old son he has never met. He admits the reason he hasn’t seen his son is due to “things that transpired between his […]