“Breach in Protocol” Leaves Second Person Infected with Ebola Thomas Eric Duncan, who was infected with Ebola, was the first to victim to die from the illness last Wednesday. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta confirms that a second person in the United States has been infected with Ebola. A nurse at […]

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The Center of Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that Cincinnati Ohio has its first case of Ebola. Are you scared or nah? We’re all in danger of contracting the virus! If you are feeling sick you might want to get tested ASAP. Save yourself, don’t spread it! For signs and symptoms of the virus click HERE. Like […]

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According to the CDC a patient being treated in a area Dallas hospital is the first person in the States diagnosed with the Ebola virus. The epidemic that is causing havoc in West Africa has finally made it’s way to the United States. For more info on the disease and the symptoms check out the […]