The death toll in the earthquake near Mexico City now stands at 237. The 7.1-magnitude temblor struck about 90 miles southeast of the city on Tuesday, collapsing at least 50 buildings — most of which were built before the famed 1985 earthquake there and were not up to new building codes. Meanwhile, rescuers are still […]


A magnitude-7.8 earthquake hit the central coast of Ecuador Saturday night, killing 233 people and injuring over one thousand


A second earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 struck the island of Kyushu in Japan early Saturday morning, killing at least 26 people.


The MTA bus service and most subway lines were restored Sunday morning.

It’s been a week since the devastating earthquake in Nepal that claimed the lives of over 7,000 people, however there is one small sliver of…


Our prayers are up for the country of Nepal. Today the South Asian land experienced a massive earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 and depth of…

It’s been five years since the tragic earthquake in Haiti that left much of Port-Au-Prince and the surrounding areas in ruins. Many Haitians gathered today…


I would have cursed up a storm if this were me. What would you do in a situation like this? Do you think you would fold under pressure? source 

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Southern Ohio got a little shaken up this afternoon when an earthquake with a  3.5 magnitude rumbled the ground. There were no immediate reports of damage which is usually the case in Ohio. For more info on the earthquake Click Here Check out this video our cameras captured in the studio! Like The Wiz on […]

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Gary Owens has a whole lot going on and he tells the Russ Parr Morning Show crew all about it. From filming a live special in Vegas to creating a non cursing having comedy show movement. Believe it or not but its true! The entire family can gather round to watch the program and no one […]


Gary Owen and Aries Spears stopped by the Wiz studio to promote the highly anticipated show that starts at 8pm tonight , it’s at the Cintas Center- Laugh Til It Hurts! It also stars Deray Davis, Arnez J and Earthquake. That’s a winning team of comics, and if you haven’t heard the show is almost […]