As a child I remember vividly sitting in front of the television  watching the original Drumline, fantasizing joining   a band and attending a Historically Black College. After watching the Drumline sequel, Drumline: A New Beat my nostalgia was instantly  rekindled! Recently I had the opportunity to catch up with star of the Drumline sequel, Rome Flynn. Check out […]

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It’s been twelve years since Drumline hit the big screen; the anticipation was high on the sequel until last night.  VH1 premiered part 2 of Drumline A New Beat everyone couldn’t understand why the movie didn’t make it to big screen but it was obvious while watching. Viewers voiced their opinions all night and are […]


The ladies are taking over in the highly anticipated follow-up to Drumline! Before Alexandra Shipp took on the role of Aaliyah, she was the heartbeat of…


VH1 is looking to recreate the success of the TLC biopic CrazySexyCool with a sequel to Nick Cannon’s 2002 flick Drumline, and it’s starring LeToya…