A new survey has found that men are more likely than women to go shopping on Christmas Eve. The survey found that 33 percent of women get their shopping done in October or earlier — compared to just 21 percent of men. And, a staggering 47 percent of men admit they do some shopping on […]

  Lady Gaga Justin Bieber Adele Miguel Kendrick Lamar John Legend, Tyrese, & Demi Lovato Honor Lionel Richie

Joseph Fiennes, who is a non-black actor, will star as Michael Jackson in a one-off TV comedy set to broadcast later this year. The white British star of “Shakespeare in Love” plays the black King of Pop in “Elizabeth, Michael & Marlon,” alongside Stockard Channing as Elizabeth Taylor and Brian Cox as Marlon Brando. Reportedly, […]

The lottery is up to $800 Million. What Would you do with that kind of money? Let us know on our 101.1 The Wiz Facebook page. Also, our Twitter and Instagram @Wiznationcincy

Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar team up to remix Kanye West’s song ‘All Day’ Here’s a snippet of Kendrick’s verse. I’m just like you on this one I will have to wait until it drops. But as soon as it drops you better believe that we will drop it for you fasho. On the Snippet […]

Who do you think will win the UC vs UK game take the poll now!!!

If you really need a good laugh check out this video of tv outtakes compilation of some of your favorite tv shows. Let me know what you think?  SOURCE

  I can’t wait for Grammys Usher, Pharrell Williams, Common, John Legend, and Sam Smith have joined the lineup for the 57th Annual Grammy Awards. Pharrell has six nominations. Your boy’s  Common and John Legend will team up to perform “Glory” from the film Selma.  Plus LL Cool J will host again this year. How do […]

One of the biggest games of my Buckeyes history is tonight. Since I was born a Buckeye you know I have to rep for the home team. #GoBucks I want to know what you think? Who do  you think is going to win the game?

  Po Lil Tink Tink: Family Feud contestant Anna Sass was only 18 points away from winning $20,000 in the fast money round. Normally this guarantees the family a win.   Turns out we all thought wrong on this one, Anna didn’t get on single point with five attempts she even missed an answer. This is […]

We all find it hard to let go of our childhood. But it’s ok to bring a few favorite pastimes into adulthood! So grab your ice cream put on your party socks and snuggle up in bed while you take a look at all of the kid things you still do as an adult, with […]

    I fear for the generation coming up after me. An unpaid intern is suing Diddy for making her go get coffee and do other duties most interns have to do. A young woman named Rashida Salaam is suing Diddy’s company because she couldn’t believe the type of work she had to do as an intern for Bad […]