Devon Franklin

Ever since Meagan Good and hubby DeVon Franklin got together, life seems to have become bright and beautiful for both halves of the couple. Most of us have heard about their romantic quest for true love in Meagan’s book, “The Wait,” which details how waiting for marriage to have sex helped them build a stronger […]

Remaking (or in this case rebooting) a popular film can be a very tricky thing to pull off, as fans are bound to be extremely protective of the original and hesitant of the outcome of something new. However every once and awhile redoing a classic pays off in a great way, which is exactly what […]

DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good headed way down south to celebrate their 4-year-anniversary.

DeVon Franklin chats with “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” in-studio discusses love, dating and marriage in America today. He opens up about how about his relationship with his…

Meagan Good wasn’t always the marrying kind until she met her husband. To see Meagan now is to know that she is all about that…

DeVon Franklin spoke with Russ Parr on the incredible true story, Heaven is For Real which makes its debut April 16th. The film is based on a true story about a young boy who says he visited heaven during a near death experience. DeVon shared with us his roles in the film as well as […]

Actress, Meagan Good and her Preacher/Movie Executive husband have written a book together. The newly weds both say they were celibate before marriage. Pastor Devon Franklin says he refrained from having sex for 10years. Megan claims she was celibate for 10months. Kudos to the happy couple on keeping the cookie in the cookie jar! What […]

Actress, Meagan Good has really jumped the broom. The Think Like a Man star and Columbia Pictures executive, DeVon Franklin have officially tied the knot Saturday in front of 400 witnesses. But since Meagan is busy filming the NBC series “Infamous” the two lovebirds honeymoon was postponed. Congratulations to the Megan and her preacher/producer husband, […]

Meagan Good‘s fiance DeVon Franklin recently interviewed with Oprah on her latest series, “Super Soul Sunday.” Oprah wanted to create a series that dropped light into our consciousness. According to Oprah’s blog, this series will be a place where open minded “seekers” can gather to explore the multiple palettes of Spirituality. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO                     […]

source Megan Good was spotted at the Staples Center hiding under her hat With her fiance Devon Franklin. Even though im jealous I have to keep it real and admit she looks happy with him and with that big ring on her finger.  Click Source for more of the story.