Now that it’s a new year, most of us have adopted that “out with the old, and in with the new” attitude. The tech industry is no exception! The way Beyonce is talking, it looks like 2017 is going to be the year that those futuristic gadgets we used to see in movies are actually […]

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Im so weak at this video I had to watch it four times. How did this hoopty ride beat a porche and nissan in a race. source 

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All of these car companys are competing and want to be the go to company. they will do dope stuff like add on self parking to their car. Well im cool on that after watching this video. source 

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  The  NY International Auto Show gets underway today at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center and TheUrbanDaily.com was invited to get a sneak peek at…

R&B singer and songwriter Tiara Thomas cruised into the music scene lending her vocals to the original version of Wale’s hit single “Bad.”   Her…

  The car companies have caught the tech bug and took center stage at this year’s CES. Before the CES event even began, Google announced the Open Automotive Alliance, which is  a group of car and tech companies looking to get Android as  the main car operating system in future cars. Soon after, Audi introduced 2 two self driving cars which […]

  If you love cars like I love cars you should keep reading. Automaker Audi is looking to make technology a part of its new line of cars for 2015.  Earlier in the week the company showed off its compact size circuit board which is capable of driving a car. Displaying several cars with their new zFAS at […]


In the next installment of TheUrbanDaily.com’s “My First Car” series, The Dungeon Dragon Busta Rhymes tells us about his first car, which was NOT the…


There is nothing like your first car. After David Banner told us about the van he lived in before he got a record deal, radio…


Cincinnati Police officers are attempting to make driving throughout the city a bit safer for everyone with the new decision to impound all vehicles for having rims too large for the car. Incidences of expensive towing situations are already happening across the city as the growing number of citizens begin to be outraged by the […]

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Ne-Yo revealed he’s having a baby girl with his girlfriend, Monyetta Shaw, and they’ve narrowed down a name for the little one. He’s also child proofing his apartment and buying new vehicles to accommodate his new lifestyle. He told the NY Post: NE-YO is making big plans for the daughter his girlfriend, Monyetta Shaw, is […]