This story made me say #WTFasho. A 3 year old in Florida was wondering alone by herself at an apartment complex. According to Police she was really dirty and cover with Bed bug bites. A neighbor who sometimes babysits the girl told Fox affiliate KJTV that the filth was a result of the girl playing outside. […]

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According to the Arthritis Foundation, arthritis is often though of as a single disease. However, it’s actually an umbrella term used for a group of…

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Researchers in Granada University Spain found that drinking a beer after a long strenuous outing at the gym can be good for you, better than water or gatorade to rehydrate your body.  Prof Manuel Garzon, of Granada University claims the bubbles in beer can help quench the thirst your body is looking for and the carbohydrate liquid within the bottle […]

According to Scottish firm BrewDog, “The End of History” is the “strongest (55% alcohol), most expensive and most shocking beer in the world.” Just 12 bottles were made and the company has already sold out. They will be shipped out to buyers in the United States, Canada, Italy, Denmark, Scotland and England next week. The […]


Via: Burger King is going to be selling brewskis – and that’s no whopper. Hoping to tap a whole new customer base, the fast food chain has unveiled plans to peddle beer alongside their famous burgers at something they are calling a Whopper Bar. The first one is opening in Miami Beach and will […]