As another year comes to an end, the list of the most popular baby names parents picked in 2016 comes to light. The names listed are fairly simple, but they prompt Rickey Smiley to discuss the baby names that parents aren’t picking any more. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Plus, Rickey takes an in-depth look […]

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Best wishes for Chrissy throughout her pregnancy, and happy birthday to John Legend.

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You named your baby what? Things have to change! Ever heard the old phrase “Never Judge a Book By Its Cover?” Today’s society judges a book by cover and name these days. Urban, unique, unusual, ghetto or what ever you want to call it. Some parents have went above and beyond with their child’s name. […]

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With all of the discussion over the meaning of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s choice of baby name, our folks at Hot1097 in Philly wanted to remind you that they could have done MUCH worse. Check out their list of horrible celebrity baby names. Is San Francisco A Good Place To Raise Kids? Mariah Carey & Nick […]