Remember back in the day, when Ciara and Kim Kardashian were besties? The two used to be spotted shopping together, and could even be seen having lunch dates on early episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. That friendship, however, was short lived, as we don’t really see them hanging out any more. Sign Up […]

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Ciara's hubby talked about being a stepdad for the first time outside of social media.

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Ciara & Russell Wilson announced that they were engaged the other day and we have all been wondering how her baby daddy Future feels about the situation and he has responded via instagram! Do you think future should be upset his baby mama has moved on?  

People on social media were all up in their feelings when Russell Wilson was spotted taking care of Baby Future while Ciara was in Africa. But Gary With…


These kids are still in diapers but that hasn’t stopped them from stealing the show. We always love Riley Curry’s big personality, North West’s sense of style and Baby Future’s big smile. Check out some of our favorite celebrity kids photos of 2015!

Baby Future is going to be reading books by next year at this rate.

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Celebrities try to make sure their kids look stylish at all times, but they usually fail, because underneath all that privilege, money, and fame, is just a cute tot wishing Halloween was every day. Even the most famous of children love to dress up as their favorite characters – and why wouldn’t they? Hitting the […]