An Ohio man is probably kicking himself for getting arrested — after assaulting his wife with his prosthetic leg during an argument at their home. Richard Wilson did not put his best foot forward when he and wife Ronna got into the verbal dispute — which escalated to the point where he threw one of […]

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  I don’t know about y’all, but if I had 3 Billion dollars you would see me relaxing or on vacation somewhere enjoying life. It is said that Dr. Dre made a deal between he and Apple that Dr. Dre has to work for Apple instead of vacationing it up somewhere nice. Apple introduced Dr. Dre to 6,000 of Apple’s […]

We all find it hard to let go of our childhood. But it’s ok to bring a few favorite pastimes into adulthood! So grab your ice cream put on your party socks and snuggle up in bed while you take a look at all of the kid things you still do as an adult, with […]


Cumberland River Recedes As Tennessee Cleans Up CLICK FOR PHOTOS: Via: CNN (CNN) — The Cumberland River in Tennessee was receding Tuesday as favorable weather was in the forecast, bringing some relief to the flood-battered state. Severe weather over the weekend was blamed for at least 28 deaths across the Southeast — 19 of […]


CAPTION THIS: Wearing An iPad On A Chain? from Channeling the fashion vibe of Flava Flav, a music producer in Atlanta sports an iPad on a chain that’s, well, off the chain. According to Paul who snapped the pic, it was playing a music video at the time. At 1.5 pounds, the iPad necklace […]