Alexsandra Wright

Alexsandra Wright latest claim is that she and her son are homeless! Then she tried to call out Matthew Knowles saying he was a deadbeat dad and what not. Seems the court had a different opinion. He has been cleared and will not have to pay child support for the next 3years. Word is, he […]

Music manager Mathew Knowles has really dropped the ball when it comes to his four-year-old son Nixon. Knowles is way behind on his child support…

According to Huffington Post, Beyonce has a homeless 4 year old brother named Nixon Alexander Knowles. Her brother is by the woman whom her father had an affair with, Alexsandra Wright. Apparently, Knowles has not paid child support and as a result she and her son have been forced to receive food stamps and move […]

In Matthew Knowles‘ case, it pays to be fired by your superstar daughter. Beyonce’s dad and former manager recently got his child support lowered for…

So Matthew Knowles baby mama is doing her first tv interview and in it she says Knowles owes her $32,000 in child support. She says she’s on food stamps. She also claims Pappa Knowles hasn’t spent anytime with their child, Beyonce hasn’t even met or seen the child. The little boy is 4yrs old. She […]

Sources say Beyonce’s daddy doesn’t know how to pay it forward! Matthew Knowles is being accused of not paying his baby mama child support. Alexsandra Wright is threatening to head back in the court room to get her money or money for their toddler. Remember this was the child conceived while the 61yr old was […]

Mathew Knowles has been accused by his former mistress/baby mama Alexsandra Wright of offering to pay her to allow Beyonce and Jay-Z to raise her child with Mathew as their own. Neither Bey or Jay have addressed the allegations, but Alexsandra is sticking to her story. In addition, she’s showing off the baby who could […]