I love this pic of Tyra. She just looks like she’s about to make some BOSS moves *in my Rick Ross voice*. It’s no secret that Tyra will be returning to America’s Next Top Model, but she also will be creating a new feature that may be unthinkable in the fashion world. She has eliminated […]

Lil Duval and Charlamagne Da God debate whether rappers should keep covering the same topics after they hit a certain age. With MCs like Nas approaching 40 and many others like Ice Cube, Snoop and most of the Wutang Clan already there, it’s a question more artists will have to address. For more go to […]

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We recently had a discussion in our offices on whether parents should kiss their kids on the lips. The final result: Split decision. But when we came across this pic of Kim Porter kissing her 18 year old son on the lips, well let’s just say it made us feel uncomfortable.