10. The Taco Liberty Bell, 1996. People love tacos and the Liberty Bell, but apparently not together. When the fast food chain announced via full-page newspaper ads that they’d purchased and renamed the national icon, a whole lot of protesting ensued. Taco Bell went public with their prank later in the day. 9. Playboy Romania’s wife […]

  What do we consider the greatest Super Bowl plays of all time? Are they based on victoiess, the moment that to the victory or missed opportunity to win the game breaking one teams heart. Or is it that moment the unexpected happens. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE VIDEOS

With any event that receives as much attention as the Olympics, athletes are bound to face scandal and controversy. Check out the top 10 scandals in the past few Summer Olympic events. RELATED LINKS: Cincinnati’s Own Rau’shee Warren Going for Gold At the 2012 Olympics Wealthiest R&B Singers

SOURCE In honor of Whitney Houston, the ultimate diva, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite singers who have it all- looks, attitude, style and the ability to not let anyone stand in their way to rise to the top. Take a look at our top 10 divas in the videos and gallery below and […]

Since rappers always get a bad rap when there’s negative news, here’s a positive news story to report. During his 23rd birthday celebration earlier this week, Atlanta rapper B.o.B. donated $10,000 to  the Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless. Bobby Ray also challenged others to meet his donation, so lets see if anyone steps up to the […]

Who Are the Top 10 Celebrity Couples of 2010?   It takes all kinds to make romance work in Hollywood. So as we wrap of the 2010 year, what power couples should on the top 10 list?

GALLERY: Top 10 Ugliest Mistresses Via: The Urban Daily When news broke of Reggie Bush cheating on Kim Kardashian no one was really surprised, but when I saw a picture of ole girl I yelled, “C’Mon Son!”

Via:hellobeautiful.com Whether you’re the sender or receiver, it’s pretty hard to avoid the Late Night Booty Text these days. We’ve already shared ways to compose a good LNBT, but here are the top ten we hope you never send a guy. 10. My friends and I are going out for a big Mexican dinner. Can […]

Work It Out: DJ Dimepiece 10 Ways To Get Sexy Flat Abs! Photo: DJ Dimepiece showing up abs after 2-months of “DJ Dimepieces’ 10 Ways To Get Sexy Flat Abs!” Via: Self.com Let’s all say it together: Crunches are boring! We all hate crunches, but flatter abs would certainly be nice. We want them without […]

Tonight’s Dime 10 O’Clock Mixtape Now Posted! 12-8-09 Hey friends!  I know you heard a lot of new music inside the Dime 10 O’Clock Mixtape!  Well, I got you!  Here’s tonight’s Dime 10 O’Clock Mixtape for you to listen and download!   Enjoy! -DJ Dimepiece “The Mixin’ Vixen” 101.1 The Wiz!Cincinnati “Dime Time Radio” M-F […]

Check Out Urban Daily’s 10 Most Suspect Male Moments Of ‘09 Check out The Urban Daily’s top 10 guys that made the list of suspect male moments!  I was very surprised at some of the guys that made the list!  But, then again…some of the photos makes you say hmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Take a look for yourself, […]