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World Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Texas Rangers - Game One

Source: Carmen Mandato / Getty / Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez no longer plays professional baseball, but X users said he struck out big time last night with his tan. 

Minnesota Timberwolves majority owner Alex Rodriguez was the talk of social media during his team’s matchup with the Milwaukee Bucks last night.

While the Bucks’ Damian Lillard was doing exceptional things on the court, A-Rod, flanked by his fitness trainer girlfriend Jaclyn Cordeiro and Stephen A. Smith, was clowned on X for looking like Kramer on that episode of Seinfeld when he showed up with that awful tan.

Rodriguez’s showing up fried to a fricassee earned him comparisons to Sammy Sosa and Robert Downey Jr.’s character from Tropic Thunder and other hilarious jokes.

Others compared Rodriguez to Ross Gellar in a classic episode of Friends when a trip to get a spray tan doesn’t work out well for him.

A-Rod’s obnoxious tan isn’t anything new; he showed up with one in an Instagram post on Cordeiro’s account during the couple’s vacation trip to San Jose Del Cabo.

We have no idea what Rodriguez was going for with his tan or if he accidentally fell asleep while tanning, but showing up to a nationally televised NBA game almost looking the same color as the basketball game was not a good idea.

We sincerely hope the World Series Champion is taking care of his skin. A good tan is always nice, but too much sun can be problematic.

You can see more hilarious reactions to Alex Rodriguez doing his best impression of C. Thomas Howell from the 1986 film Soul Man is in the gallery below.

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