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Eric B And Rakim Portrait Session

Source: Michael Ochs Archives / Getty

Today, 35 years ago Eric B. & Rakim released their second studio album “Follow The Leader”. Many view the album as one of the greatest and most influential records in the history of hip-hop. Eric B. is the DJ and producer of the duo, while Rakim is the masterful lyricist and rapper. “Follow the Leader” allows Rakim to display his ability to deliver thought-provoking verses effortlessly.

Eric B And Rakim Portrait Session

Source: Michael Ochs Archives / Getty

With jazz and funk influences, the album features a ton of iconic hip-hop scratching which gave it the notorious hip-hop sound we received in its origin days. In the standout track, “Microphone Feind” Rakim flowed like a wordsmith with lines like, “With knowledge that I speak and my thought is deep / I prosper while others just fall to their feet.” The album continues to dive in political and social issues that the community has been suffering from for years.


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The album remains an important piece for its lyrical and production excellence. Even in today’s era, Rakim’s influence can be felt in the work of many rappers still. The duo was one of the most iconic duos of all time.

Check out some of the album below:

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