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Here’s What These People Would Do To Improve Education  was originally published on newsone.com

1. Akkitta Wellington Copelin

Akkitta Wellington Copelin

2. Nancy Ward

Nancy Ward

3. Keith Schenck

Keith Schenck

4. Patricia Vestal

Patricia Vestal

5. Patrick Williams

Patrick Williams

6. Michael Scott Jones

Michael Scott Jones

7. Gloria Boyce-Charles

Gloria Boyce-Charles

8. Karen Adebiyi

Karen Adebiyi

9. Jacueline Foster

Jacueline Foster

10. Ronna Mora

Ronna Mora

11. Lois Sanford

Lois Sanford

12. Robert Thompson

Robert Thompson

13. Mark McPhee

Mark McPhee

14. Jaynaea Dillard-Strothers

Jaynaea Dillard-Strothers

15. Jewel


16. Kayla Wolf

Kayla Wolf

17. Tylik McMillian

Tylik McMillian

18. Rev. Dr. Jean C. Romulus

Rev. Dr. Jean C. Romulus

19. Lynette & Dana Williams

Lynette & Dana Williams

20. Dwayne Love

Dwayne Love

21. Marc Daniels

Marc Daniels

22. Shaquille Burns

Shaquille Burns

23. Robert Gore

Robert Gore

24. Dr. Charles H. F. Davis

Dr. Charles H. F. Davis

25. Kerry M. Williams Sr.

Kerry M. Williams Sr.

26. Darrell Price

Darrell Price