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11 Stars Before And After Plastic Surgery  was originally published on theurbandaily.com

1. BEFOREL Lil’ Kim — Before

BEFOREL Lil’ Kim — Before

2. AFTER: Lil’ Kim

AFTER: Lil’ Kim

3. BEFORE: Tamar Braxton (with Toni Braxton)

BEFORE: Tamar Braxton (with Toni Braxton)

4. AFTER: Tamar Braxton

AFTER: Tamar Braxton

5. BEFORE: Kim Kardashian

BEFORE: Kim Kardashian

6. AFTER: Kim Kardashian

AFTER: Kim Kardashian

7. BEFORE: LL Cool J


8. BEFORE: Vivica A. Fox

BEFORE: Vivica A. Fox

9. AFTER: Vivica A. Fox

AFTER: Vivica A. Fox

10. BEFORE: Ciara


11. AFTER: Ciara

AFTER: Ciara

12. BEFORE: Beyonce

BEFORE: Beyonce

13. AFTER: Beyonce

AFTER: Beyonce

14. BEFORE: Tyra Banks

BEFORE: Tyra Banks

15. AFTER: Tyra Banks

AFTER: Tyra Banks

16. BEFORE: Amerie

BEFORE: Amerie

17. AFTER: Amerie

AFTER: Amerie

18. BEFORE: Kelly Rowland

BEFORE: Kelly Rowland

19. AFTER: Kelly Rowland

AFTER: Kelly Rowland

20. BEFORE: LaToya Jackson

BEFORE: LaToya Jackson

21. AFTER: LaToya Jackson

AFTER: LaToya Jackson

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